MSFGA Breeders

This page has been set up for active breeders of MSFGA registered Mini Silkies as a courtesy to them and to potential buyers. This is a free benefit for MSFGA breeders to promote and market their Mini Silkies. The MSFGA does not charge an annual membership fee to participate in the MSFGA, but we want to promote those breeders who support and promote the MSFGA registry. To be on the MSFGA breeders list you must have your herd name registered with the MSFGA and have been active in breeding and registering animals with the MSFGA in the past 18 months.

All sales are private treaty between the buyers and sellers, the MSFGA assumes no responsibilities for any of these transactions. It is up to the buyer to research the Mini Silky breed so that they will know what they are trying to buy before contacting a breeder. Buyers should always be aware of what they are buying and from whom they are buying; this is good advice no matter what a buyer is trying to purchase. We recommend that buyers look for MSFGA registered stock; if someone is trying to sell you a Mini Silky that is not registered and telling you that it can be registered, be very careful, for this may or may not be true. Unregistered animals, unless the sire and dam are MSFGA registered, have to be approved by the foundation committee and there is no guarantee that an unregistered animal will pass committee approval. For more information on what an Ideal Mini Silky should look like, go to the Visual Standard page on this website.

Below is a list of breeders and contact information of those who have been actively breeding and registering animals with the MSFGA within the past 18 months. Click on the highlighted farm name to go to a breeder’s website. To be listed on this page you must have been active in breeding and registering animals with the MSFGA in the past 18 months and have your herd name registered with the MSFGA. The farms are listed by state. The states are listed in alphabetical order, but only appear on the list if there are MSFGA breeders in that state. This list is maintained by the MSFGA Office and is updated every four to six weeks.





Debbie A McQueen at Kiva de Chaco’s, Desert Hills, AZ

Keith & Michele Rhode at Rhode’s Mini Ranch, San Tan Valley, AZ

April or Susan Seiler at Ahsum Acres, Peoria, AZ

Tiffany Wilson at Wilsons Desert Goats, Cave Creek, AZ

Alisa Romaine at Goat Shaq, Whitman, AZ

Aaron Wilson at Wilson Farms, Chandler, AZ

Sarah Vinagro at Fig Spring Ranch, New River, AZ

Amanda Markle at Markle’s Miracle Acres, Glendale, AZ

Jeanne Cole at Blue Bell Fainters, Sierra Vista, AZ

Lindy & Simon Bradshaw at BEE, Tucson, AZ



Kelly & Chris Baranyk at Gramercy Park Goats,  Eureka Springs, AR

Tina Kirby at Bleating Hearts Silkies,  Ola, AR

Deborah Hubler at Shady Acres Fainters,  Winslow, AR

Kimberly Welch at Hearts A Fainting Goat Farm, Monticello, AR



Janice Dunn, Lance & Jared Dunn at Minimythic, Ramona, CA

Robin Madrigal at ChocolateSilkGoats, Yucca Valley, CA

April Meckes at Nadja, Ramona, CA

Brandais Spawn at Weoka Farms, Poway, CA

Mellissa Ivanova at Melvali Ranch, San Juan Bautista, CA

Jim & Sara Cash at Garner Valley Fainters, Mountain Center, CA

Robin Celeste Stapel at Rustic Gypsy Minis, Red Bluff, CA

Soara Valeur at Rock Flower Ranch, Morongo Valley, CA

Katie Simon at Rock Creek Ranch, Norco, CA

Kim Cook at Silver Meadow Farm, Newbury Park, CA



Linda Kane at Raising Kane Minis, Palisade, CO

Michael & Deborah Hodgson at Ramon Joseph Goats, Whitewater, CO

Wendy or Fred Wolsleger at Misty Mountain Ranch, Durango, CO

Brooke Danner at Bless Your Heart Minis, Loveland, CO

Steven or Lois Selph at SMSFG, Commerce City, CO



Allyson Choi at Three W Farm, Frankford, DE



Gina Henson at Henson Family Farm, Summerfield, FL

Kellie Pinard at Rite Choice, Kissimmee, FL

Nick & Liza Sorensen at Soren’s Farm, Interlachen, FL

Angela & Jeff Jones at Lucky 7 Acres Farm, Wildwood, FL

Debby Gaulter at Gaulterra, Englewood, FL

Nancy Stefan & Chad Becker at Chancy Acres, Melbourne, FL

Allen McDaniels at Ole McDaniels Farm, Live Oak, FL



Hope Bennett at Paradise Valley Farm, Cleveland, GA

Donna Higdon at Hidden Valley Miniatures, LaFayette, GA

Glenn Allen at GlennAllen, Cave Spring, GA

Richard & Emily Jorgenson at Jorgy’s Ranch, Griffin, GA

Crystal R Mann at Rocky Pine Fainters, Thomaston, GA

Natalie Levensohn at Llamas On The Loose Farm, Villa Rica, GA

Kristin Shea/Tom Senyitko at Fern Creek Farm, Bishop, GA

Scott & Connie Kelly at Reed Creek Lake Farm, Hartwell, GA

Sandy Holbrook at Holbrook, Jefferson, GA

Rory & Jennifer Hoilman at ZooPro Farms, Newnan, GA

Billy Swafford III at Osley Mill Plantation, Comer, GA

Kevin Buecher at Twisted Creek, Sylvania, GA



Terry Dorton at Cozy Acres, Malad City, ID

Jari A Frassenei at Frassenei Farms, Pocatello, ID

Dale & Betty Roderick at Hootnanny Acres, Malad City, ID

Kristi Christophersen at Just Kiddin’ Around, Malad , ID

Justine Schoessler at No View Fainting Acres, Kimberly, ID

Erica Nabel at Mazy Acres, Caldwell, ID

Patty Foster at Morning Glory Goat Farm, Middleton, ID

Jennifer Eastman at Flock and Herd, Rathdrum, ID

Duncan & Dawn Kunz at D & D Farm, Kimberly, ID

Marianne & Troy Barfuss at Nothin’ Fancy Farms, Pocatello, ID

Linda Thompson at Thompson’s Kritter Kamp, Blackfoot, ID

Shalissa Jensen at Holdout Homestead, Caldwell, ID

Nicolette Jennings at Inspired Mercy Farm, Caldwell, ID

Shelby Stroebel at Stroebel Farms, Meridian, ID

Robin R Kenney at H.B. Acres, Orofino, ID

Ashlee Woods at 4 Acre Woods, Murphy, ID

Jillian or Mike Fuller at What’s One More Farms, Pocatello, ID

Kim & Frank Boguslawski at Bogy’s MSF, Middleton, ID



Jeremy & Michelle Roberts at Triple A Acres, Grant Park, IL

Marlene Davy at Willow Back Acres, Maple Park, IL

Denise R Rodgers at Harmony Herds, Mt Carmel, IL

Tracey Walker at Wolf Creek Farm, Sherman, IL

Allison Roberts at Country Girl Minis, Grant Park, IL

Teresa & Jose Martinez-Mauricio at Country Charm Farm, Sheridan, IL



Tammy Harper at Westwind Acres, Wheatfield, IN

Shrynn Gradient at Trotwood Farm, Franklin, IN

Sue Hall at Halls Farm, Walton, IN

Michelle Dvorscak at Oso-Goat Farm, Morocco, IN

Beth & Eric Gibson at Stormy Creek, Wheatfield, IN

Clarice Kashuba at Tri Kash Farms, Fort Wayne, IN



Grace Davidson at Grace’s Farm, Peru, IA

Cindy Nazworthy at Nazworthy Acres, St. Charles, IA

Ronald White & Jeane Trostle-White at Whitehouse Silkies, Knoxville, IA

Debbie Oman at Semper Fi Farms, Treynor, IA

Debbie Oman at Semper Fi Farms, Treynor, IA



Michelle R Davis at Goats Rock Ranch, Hutchinson, KS

Kathy Easley at Deer Creek’s, Chetopa, KS



Dianna & Curt Skeens at SARCASM Ranch, Rush, KY

Gina Hinebaugh at OFM Mini Silkys, Columbia, KY

Catherine Frayer at Iron Hills Miniature Co., Kuttawa, KY

Jessica Lynn Clarkson at Baa-bbling Creek, Murray, KY

Melissa Wethington at The Joyful Honeybee Homestead, Liberty, KY

Hannah Floyd at Faint Away Farm, Lancaster, KY

Mandy L Perryman at L M P Farms, Hardyville, KY

Ashley & Tom Winborne at Winborne Farms, Sharpsburg, KY

Rosalie C Osborne at HLH Fainter’s, South Shore, KY

Jennifer Balascio at Flower & Thistle Farms, Falls of Rough, KY







Kathleen LaDue at Signature, Taneytown, MD

Belinda Musterer at KE Paradys, Waldorf, MD

Barbara Ryan at Barbie’s Lil’ Fainters, Myersville, MD

Donna Wilmoth at Bunker Hill Silkies, Parkton, MD

Keri Morton at Morton Meadows Farm, Clarksburg, MD

Nicholas Bugg at Lil’ Buggers Fainters, Hagerstown, MD

Auybree at Breezy Creek, Nanjemoy, MD



Michael Selig at Tudor Farm, Georgetown, MA

Virginia & Amanda Rezendes at Fairytail Fields, Berkley, MA



Jackie Hillman Pegg at Flying J Fainters, Hale, MI

Amy Hicswa at In The Loop Fainters, Middleville, MI

Hans/Sheril Peterson at LOL Farm, Lakeport, MI

Amy L Young at Daisy’s Daily Delight, Clarkston, MI

Becky Howe at RdreamFarm, Manton, MI

Julie Beach at Jubilee Farm, Fowlerville, MI

Sheri Hepting at Happy Hooves Farm, Allenton, MI

Wendy Ziegler at Happily Ever After Farm, Holly, MI

Cyrus Skeltis at Skeltis Family Farm, St. Johns, MI

JuLee & James Champman at Chapman Family Farm,  Stockbridge, MI

Thomas Bankstahl, DVM at Spellbound, Ray, MI

Christine Rosentreter & Edward Sponseller at Peach Tree Farm, North Adams, MI

Heather Kupa at Heather’s Pretty Minis, Temperance, MI

Nicole & Lee Ashcraft at Lazy Legz Faintin’ Farm, Buchanan, MI

Ellen K Sentell at Leg Up Farms, St Helen, MI

Amy Vallone Romano at Luna InCantata Acres, Northville, MI

Tracie Carpenter at Iron River Highlands, Reading, MI

Brooklyn Beaver at Covered Bridge Silkies, Blissfield, MI

Al & Amanda Hupp at Little Ireland Farm, Wayland, MI

Kristen Watt at Goats And Watt Not, Mesick, MI

Mike Underwood at Underwood Farms, St Johns, MI

Sean & Mayra Leitner at GL Ranch, La Salle, MI

Timothy & Dawn Mendenhall at Mendy’s Furvana Ranch, Fowlerville, MI

Jeremy Hunt at Frost Farms, Lenox, MI

Terri & Rich Knapp at Fainting Pines Farm, Goodrich, MI

Abby & Guy Santek at Santek Silkies, Galesburg, MI

Diedra Matthews & Heather L VerHage at Wind Break Farm, Mason, MI

Katie Mink at The Yellow House Farm, Ortonville, MI

Carrie & Isaac Tobin at Always Be Farming, Fowlerville, MI

Kristin Bolan at The Crow’s Own, Burt, MI

Valerie Thomas at Kawah Farms, Pinckney, MI

Mindy White at Burr’s Nest Farm, Caro, MI

Briana Wilcox at B’s Mini Silky Fainters, Clifford, MI

Justin J Smith at JJ’s Ranch, Lyons, MI

Jennifer Minshall at K & M Ranch, Delton, MI

Whitney Blevins at Leaning Barn Farms, Emmett, MI

Melissa Cochran at Hidden View Farm, Mason, MI

Michelle Rankin at Backwards Barnyard, St Charles, MI

Kayla Kunkel at Mulberry Family Farm, Manton, MI

Paulette Bettenga at P&P Acres, Hanover, MI

Cindy and Dan Staley at FooFoo Acres, De Tour Village, MI



Adam & Angie Serfling at Shady Oaks Farm, Preston, MN

Jody Westerberg at King Creek Hobby Farm, Barnum, MN

Jill & Daniel Geroy at Sand Ridge Silky Farm, Roseau, MN

Jeanne Swanstrom at Quarter Mile Ranch, South Haven, MN



Chris Thurman at Little Creek Landing, Sumrall, MS



Rebecca McCollum at Sweetwater Farms, Brighton, MO

Aspen & Steve Auld at Aspen Rayne, Garden City, MO

Matthew Noyce at Noyce-e Farms, Platte City, MO

Ike Lightner at Ike’s Exotics, Fordland, MO

Jennifer & Marion Connell at Three Wings, Eldon, MO

Lorelai Waite at Winterfell Fainters, Lebanon, MO

Kellie Melvin or Debbie Grantham at Melvin Maeham Farms, Weaubleau, MO

Christy Derr at CNJ Derr Ridge, Licking, MO

Jinjer & Curt Johnson at Flocking Herd Acres, Laquey, MO

Hailey Hale at Halestead, Laquey, MO

Jessica Champion at Champion’s Meadow Farm, Willow Springs, MO

Sandi Anstine at Anstine Farms, Chilhowee, MO



Brittney Hernandez at Dos Cabras, Roberts, MT

Mary Strom at Snow Wind Farm, Kalispell, MT



Linda Bourque & Mindy Smith at Hobby Hills Acres, Omaha, NE

Antoinette Costanzo at Pepper Creek, Omaha, NE

Victoria Green at Rock-a-Billy Ranch, Bee, NE



Krystal White at Faintly Dreaming, Sparks, NV


New Jersey

Pamela & Charles Odum at Racing For Home, Flemington, NJ

Kevin & Tara McCullough at Wakefield, Pennington, NJ

Luke Magnetti at Faint Of Heart Acres, New Egypt, NJ

Victoria LiVolsi at The Goat and Pony Stow, Cream Ridge, NJ

Linda Quattrone at New Jersey Silkies, New Egypt, NJ

Debra Sayer at Happy Farm Tails, Blairstown, NJ


New Mexico

Jennifer Starkey at 4 Star Farm, Clovis, NM


New York

Ryan & Sarah Austin at Blue Line Farm, Saint Johnsville, NY

Nancy Shuster at Shangri-Baa, Smithtown, NY

Kathryn Mattson at Black Duck Farm, Walton, NY


North Carolina

Charles and Ann Wheeler at Tyfton Acres MSF, Hamlet, NC

Melinda Bullard at Rocky Knoll Farm, Asheboro, NC

Darcey Ladner at Crazy Kids, Waxhaw, NC

Cindy Lillich at Shaky Tails Silkies, Fayetteville, NC


North Dakota

Kevin and Paula Martin at Falling Off The Windy Side Acres, Sheyenne, ND



Cinthia Lee at Moonlight Menagerie, Van Wert, OH

Julie & Josh Barfield at 27 Timbers, Bowling Green, OH

William Herrig at Buck & Doe Mini Goats, Portage, OH

Anita and Silas Ford at Ford’s Krazy Kidz Goat Farm, Washington Court House, OH

Katherine Sobecki at Silkies And Such, Washington Township, OH

Mark Nott at Fierce Ridge Fainters, Glouster, OH

Patsy J Stockdale at Restless Acres Goats, Zanesville, OH

Melissa Rodzinak at The King’s Farm, Lebanon, OH

William Treece at Treece’s Family Farm, Findlay, OH

Helen Paulette Robb at Chasing Dreams Minis, Lebanon, OH

Alissa Miller at Feels Like Home Farm, Kirtland, OH

Lisa Schroeder at Colton Lane’s, Columbus Grove, OH

Shane & Nichole Heath at Shanic Hide Away Farm, ConoverGrove, OH

Tina Cooper at The Croft, Williamsburg, OH

Jessica Wilson at Fun Time Farm, Waynesfield, OH

Ryan Demmitt at 4D Farms, Centerville, OH

Kendra Dill at Dill’s MSFG Farm, Ashville, OH



Kelley & Ron Morrow at 5M Mini Farm, Ringold, OK

Maggie Foster at Rose Quartz Minis, Edmond, OK

Dawn Broaddrick at Big Sky Silkies, Talala, OK

Miranda Edwards at Red Hill Fainting Goats, Fairview, OK

Molly Dunbar at Modu Farms, Sperry, OK

John K Boggs III / Brandon Hooper at September Ridge Livestock, Cameron, OK

Kelsey Oliphant at Oli Acres, Claremore, OK

Lacey Henry &/or Kyle Stramel at Mini Mobile Farms LLC, Garber, OK

Travis Farbro at Thistle Valley Silkies, Vinita, OK

Jennifer Moser at Lil Gems, Yale, OK

Patti A Glamuzina at LBD Ranch, Barndall, OK

Arelia Gibson at Arelia’s Little Darlings, Orlando, OK

Whitney Loggin at Loggin Farm, Skiatook, OK

Angela Swearingen at Faith River Farm, Oklahoma City, OK



Dusty & Deanna McFarland at My Oh Myotonics, Newberg, OR

Kirk & Edwina Lloyd at Desert Streams Mini Farm, Irrigon, OR



Elizabeth Rach at Hacker Hollow Silkies, Coatesville, PA

Earl E & Connie R Gates at The Rusted Gates’ Farm, Mechanicsburg, PA

Jessica Kellner at Relic Run Farm, Hummelstown, PA

Sandra Shaika at Count Your Blessings, Bangor, PA

Bobbi White at Little Jean’s Fainters, Gettysburg, PA

Kirk Cressley at K & D Fire Fly Farms, Lehighton, PA

Connie Hackenburg at LoCo Meadows, Selinsgrove, PA

Kelley Clark at Clark’s Little Fainters, Annville, PA

Diana Keisel at Orion’s Hippie Ranch, Cochranton, PA

Caitlin Newcomer at Twisted Pony Farm, Shippensburg, PA

Brenda & Richard Petschelt at Twisted Goat Farm, Spring City, PA

Dawn Horning at H&R Homestead, Boyertown, PA

Billie Jo DeBross at SBD Stables, Chambersburg, PA

Kirsten Elliott at ELVF, Hegins, PA

Melinda L Kaufold at Lil’ Silky Bootz, West Sunbury, PA

Alyssa Gelnett at Weeping Willow Fainters, Mechanicsburg, PA

Joseph B Smith at Crosskeys, Dilliner, PA

Lisa Lang at Burnt Willow, Glen Rock, PA

Anne Berkley at Sugar Creek Homestead, Towanda, PA


Rhode Island


South Carolina

Joe & Gloria Williams at Lucky Acres Farm, Townville, SC

Terri Gustin at Critter Creek Farm, Rock Hill, SC

Kim Carter at A & H Farm Fainters, York, SC

Scott Slice at Slice Farms, Chapin, SC

Angela Elsberry at Lil Keepsake Fainters, Lancaster, SC

William Rowe at Silky Way, North, SC

Whitney Bryson at Sweetwater Silky Fainters, North Augusta, SC


South Dakota

Michele Lindner at Friendly Fancy Fainters, Meckling, SD



Dixie Luckman at Cedar Creek Fainters, Jackson, TN

Brian & Linda Harrison at Green Pastures, Hermitage, TN

Kelly Santilli at KM’s Farm, Chapmansboro, TN

Vicki M Young at Next 2 Heaven Goats, Rogersville, TN

Julie Pray at God’s Pocket Goat Farm, Kodak, TN

Laurel Osborn at Battle Branch Silkies, Luttrell, TN

Lisa Warren-Gannon at Vine Rock Acres, Lebanon, TN

Brandon & Kelly Jones at Blackbeard, Chapel Hill, TN

Rhonda Tipton at Lallybroch Farms, Maryville, TN

Cheryl Sanders at Blackberry Lake Farm, McEwen, TN



Terri Randolph at Randolph’s Mini Hoof Farm, Weatherford, TX

Susan & Wes French at Aislinn Meadows Ranch, Burton, TX

Selena Day at Day Farm, Crosby, TX

Joe &  Lynette Clooney at Bluebonnet Acres, Springtown, TX

Ed & Angela Preston at Hill Co Minis, Rockwall, TX

Christina Mick Brown at DCB Farms Fainting Goats, Jacksonville, TX

Nicole Matus at Matus Mini Meadows, College Station, TX

Diane Neumann at Ridgeview Acres, Cleburne, TX

Tammy Jo McCleney at G3, Paige, TX

Kim Sprenger at His Farm, Whitesboro, TX

Marrita Black at Black Tie, Gainesville, TX

Jaime Baeza at J&J Mini Farm, Fort Worth, TX

Sandra & Jessika Wheeler at The Silky Way, Shallowater, TX

Ken Jones/Cindi Jones Mire at JK Farms, Highlands, TX

Tom or Terri Culpepper at TNT, DeLeon, TX

Mark Stubblefield at Dark Canyon Mini Goats, Graham, TX

Valerie Humbird &/or Leslie Stone at Rok N Sun Mini Silkies, Columbus, TX

Clinton Melerine at Melerine’s Mini’s, Cleburne, TX

Christina Keen at Keen’s Rustic Minis, Livingston, TX

MaKayla Keen at Moonies Minis, Livingston, TX

Theresa Anderson at Twisted Pines Farms, Buna, TX

Amber Dawn at 71 Stars Ranch, Plantersville, TX

Barbara Patton at Patton Farms Mini Silkies, Burnet, TX

Krysti Schneider at Diamond Dash, San Antonio, TX



Steve & Sharla Bell at Bells Goats, Ogden, UT

Sharon Hougaard at Coldwater Canyon Farms, Honeyville, UT

Cleo Stephanie Rose at Goat 2B Kidding, Hyde Park, UT

Phillip & Nicole Knight at Good Knight Ranch, Erda, UT

Heather Baldwin at Dry Desert Silkies, Snowville, UT

Norma Wakayama at Yama Goats, Ogden, UT

Jake & Trinna Gardner at Ashley Valley Minis, Vernal, UT

Mary Jo Davis at Cache Kids, Millville, UT

Rhonda Humphries at Roo’s Ruckus, Cedar City, UT

Bryan Mitchell at Mitchell Ranch, Highland, UT

Janice Mitchell at Stone Man Farm, Penrose, UT

Kathryn and Kelly Stoffers at K-N-K Critter Camp, Farr West, UT

Rebecca Lewis at Mini Herd of Erda, Erda, UT

Jamie Kinder at Kinder Farm Fainters, Rush Valley, UT

Mike & Cami Evans at Evans’ Acres, Temonton, UT



Renee Orr at Sol-Orr Farm in Lignum, VA

Ryan & Teressa Collier at Bear Creek Farm, Partlow, VA

Barbara & Ronald W Scholz at Luv-N-It Estates, Lovettsville, VA

Stephanie Quesenberry at Full Circle, Dugspur, VA

Lisa & Marcus Cheek at Powell River Fainters, Pennington Gap, VA

David H Simmers IV at Simmers Family Farm, Rockingham, VA

Canessa Collins at Three Bit Farm, Broadway, VA



Dorothy Bowers at Hoodoo Mountain Myotonics, Deer Park, WA

Glenda & Dick Cable at First Love Farm, Sequim, WA

Elaina Harter at Critter Hollow, Ione, WA

Jason & Karen West at Pioneer FR, Deer Park, WA

Danielle & Jeff Breckenridge at Jeff & Danielle Mini Miracles, Brewster, WA

Jennifer Tobey at Tumbling Tresses Farm, Pullman, WA

Anna & Matt Squires at Squires Farm and Ranch, Yelm, WA

Joyce or Chloe Hubbard at Animal Haven, Everson, WA


West Virginia

Cheri L Seiler at Good Time Ridge Farm, Augusta, WV

Jamie Ritzenthaler at Just One More, Harpers Ferry, WV

Amanda Butler at Graybeard Grove, Elkins, WV

Debbie & Randy Freeland at Circle G Mini Hollow Farm, Wana, WV



Travis Wright at Roundabout Farm, Mt. Horeb, WI

Peter  & Sarah Severson at Three Chicks Ranch, Merril, WI

Carl & Kathryn Hardtke at Hardtke Hacienda, De Pere, WI

Alison Egan at Oak Grove Farm, Oshkosh, WI

Doug Stangel at Spruce Hills, De Pere, WI

Heidi Norden at Pleasant Valley Fainters, Hollandale, WI

Sara & John Lancaster at OneEighty, Fish Creek, WI

Lynette Berg & Brooklyn Heath at Valley Creek Farm, La Crosse, WI

Marla Siedschlag at Kadiz Kidz, Browntown, WI

Amanda Smith at Smith’s Lucky 7, Oconto Falls, WI

Harleigh Carlson at Glacial Hills Farm, Amherst, WI

Dennis Holland at Denhaven, La Crosse, WI



Linda Jenkins at LBJ Funny Farm, Upton, WY

Jenny & Bryn Arne at Broken Horn Goat Ranch, Pinedale, WY




Anja & Dean Moore at Chinook Fainters, Didsbury, AB

Wendy & Dennis Dittmer at The Rustic Bee, Spruce Grove, AB

Gizella Heiter at Heiter Fainters, Foothills, AB

Adelina Gratzfeld at Goatcha Mini Goats, Parkland County, AB

Sherry Sinclair at That A Girl Farm, Bluffton, AB


British Columbia

Linda Emerson at Quarry Lake Farm, Chemainus, BC

Cindy Campbell at GottaGoat, Penticton, BC

Lacey or Mya Bormke at River Mtn Silky Fainting Goats, Kamloops, BC

Debbie Postle at Whispering Willow Mountain, Chemainus, BC

Charity-Joy Stobbe at Joy, Chilliwack, BC

Anika Jansma at Valley Fainters, Port Alberni, BC

Darcey Besemer at Locos Desmayos, Langley, BC

Santana & Aubrey Scott at A.S.S. Farm, 150 Mile House, BC



Eric Jury at Little Pasture Farm, Eden, MB

Bill & Dianne Poast at North Star Gem, Dauphin, MB

Linda Lagasse at Sweet Ridge Farm, Anola, MB

Vance & Nicole Loewen at Loewen Behold Farms, Minnedosa, MB

Shannon Bell at Rosengard Ranch, St Pierre Jolys, MB


Nova Scotia

Cynthia Graham at Sunnyholme, Brickton, NS



Pam Hutchinson at Wild Ass Acres, Southwold, Ontario

Heather Rennie at Empty Pockets, Kilworthy, ON

Risa Marascio at Peepabun Farm, Grand Valley, ON

Karen Lada at SGM, Mono, ON

Brianna Delaurier at Bri Acres Fainters, Cobden, ON





Donnie Courchaine at Keel Over Acres, Lumsden, SK

Ron & Geraldine Lavoie at Amiens Acres, Spiritwood, SK