Upcoming Shows

2023 The Rocky Mountain Mini Silky Goat Shows

Eight shows in 2 days at the Box Elder County Fairgrounds in Tremonton, UT
Friday June 9, 2023
Beehive Show
Judge: Shelly Strahan
Bear River Show
Judge: Kimberly McClellan
Promontory Point Show
Judge: Allison Huggins
Arches Show
Judge: Trudy Smith
Saturday June 10, 2023
Timpanogas Show
Judge: Nicole Garlick
Moab Show
Judge: Nate Drake
Spiral Jetty  Show
Judge: Daniel Babcock
Wasatch Show
Judge: Elizabeth Babcock
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2023 Pure Michigan Mini Silky Shows

Six  shows in 2 days at the Barry Expo Center in Hastings, MI
Saturday June 24, 2023
Bobcat Show (AM)
Judge: Bethany Stanton
Coyote Show (AM)
Judge: Dawn Rhea
Bald Eagle Show (PM)
Judge: Yvonne Blosser
Red Fox Show (PM)
Judge: David Wildman
Sunday June 25, 2023
Black Bear Show (AM)
Judge: Robby Kelly
Osprey Show (AM)
Judge: Doug Edge
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2023 San Diego County Fair Mini Silky Shows

Two shows in 2 days at the Del Mar Fairgrounds in Del Mar, CA
Friday June 30, 2023
Show #1
Judge: Denise Aragon
Saturday July 1, 2023
Show #2
Judge: Manny Antonnaci
For more information you can also contact Janice Dunn at socalminisilkyclub@gmail.com
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2023 Pacific Northwest Mini Silky Goat Shows

Six  shows in 2 days at the Pierce County Frontier Park in Graham, WA
Friday July 7, 2023
Rainier Show (AM)
Judge: Jari Frassenei
Salal Show (AM)
Judge: Julie Pirtle
Cascade Show (PM)
Judge: Karen Crawford
Cowlitz Show (PM)
Judge: Robin Norman
Saturday July 8, 2023
Palouse Show (AM)
Judge: Kade Bartlett
Evergreen Show (AM)
Judge: Pending
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2023 Cactus Classic Mini Silky Shows

Six  shows in 2 days at the Verde Valley Fairgrounds in Cottonwood, AZ
Thursday August 31, 2023
Cholla Show
Judge: Terry Atkins
Golden Barrel Show
Judge: Lynette Clooney
Octillo Show
Judge: Denise Aragon
Organ Pipe Show
Judge: Pending
Friday September 1, 2023
Prickly Pear Show
Judge: Elaine Kreig, DVM
Saguaro Show
Judge: Emily Schiffman
More Information email Susan Seiler at susseiler@aol.com


2023 Yellow Rose of Texas Mini Silky Shows

Eight shows in 2 days at the Will Rogers Swine Barn in Ft. Worth, TX
Saturday September 9, 2023
Bluebonnet Show (AM)
Judge: Pewnding
Roadrunner Show (AM)
Judge: Pending
Lantana Show (AM)
Judge: Pending
Alamo Show (PM)
Judge: Pending
Lone Star Show(PM)
Judge: Pending
Sunflower Show (PM)
Judge: Pending
Sunday September 10, 2023
Black Gold Show (AM)
Judge: Pending
Longhorn Show
Judge: Pending
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2023 Midwest Mini Silky Shows

Six shows in 2 days at the Jasper County Fairgrounds in Rensselaer, IN
Saturday September 16, 2023
Red Leaf Show (AM)
Judge: Doug Edge
Gold Leaf Show (AM)
Judge: Phillip Messer
Summer of Ferns Show (PM)
Judge: David Wildman
2nd Summer Show (PM)
Judge: Kelly Fry
Sunday September 17, 2023
Sunflower Show (AM)
Judge: Robby Kelly
Harvest Tide Show (AM)
Judge: Bethany Stanton
More Information contact Tammy Harper at tharpert66@yahoo.com


2023 OK State Fair Open Mini Silky Goat Shows

Eight shows in 2 days at the Oklahoma City Fairgrounds in Oklahoma City, OK
Tuesday September 19, 2023
Show A (AM)
Judge: Pending
Show B (AM)
Judge: Pending
Show C (AM)
Judge: Pending
Show D (PM)
Judge: Pending
Show E (PM)
Judge: Pending
Show F (PM)
Judge: Pending
Wednesday September 20, 2023
Show G
Judge: Pending
Show H (PM)
Judge: Pending
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2023 Southern Oklahoma Mini Silky Goat Shows

Nine shows in 2 days at the Leflore County Fairgrounds in Poteau, OK
Saturday October 28, 2023
Choctaw Show (AM)
Judge: Pending
Chickasaw Show (AM)
Judge: Pending
Cherokee Show (AM)
Judge: Pending
Ouchita Show (PM)
Judge: Pending
Kiamichi Show (PM)
Judge: Pending
Cavanal Show (PM)
Judge: Pending
Sunday October 29, 2023
Creek Show (AM)
Judge: Pending
White-Tail Show (AM)
Judge: Pending
Rio Grande Show (AM)
Judge: Pending
For more Information contact septemberridgelivestock@gmail.com