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2022 Midway USA Mini Silky Shows

Nine shows in 2 days at the Marion County Fairgrounds in Hillsboro, KS
Saturday October 1, 2022
Santa Fe Show (AM)
Judge: Alicia Bigelow
Meadowlark Show (AM)
Judge: Bill Toews
Wheat State Show (AM)
Judge: Tara Varner
Little Bluestem Show (PM)
Judge: Dianea Fay
Bison Show (PM)
Jude: Steve Auld
Honeybee Show (PM)
Judge: Alyssa Leslie
Sunday October 2, 2022
Kryptonite Show (AM)
Judge: Tammy Stickelman
Jayhawk Show (AM)
Judge: Ashley Dester
Sunflower  Show (AM)
Judge: Roger Miller
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2022 East Coast Fall Classic Mini Silky Shows

Six shows in 2 days at the Montgomery County Fairgrounds in Gaithersburg, MD
Saturday October 8, 2022
Harvest Time Show
Judge: Heather Valentine
Pumpkin Spice Show
Judge: Jetta Valentine
Sunset Fest Show
Judge: Kaycie Chester
Gourd Gala Show
Judge: John Vizzuto
Sunday October 9, 2022
Crisp Days Show (AM)
Judge: Jessie Shafer
Autumn Leaves Show (AM)
Judge: Lynda Gredin
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2022 Yellow Rose of Texas Mini Silky Goat Shows

Six shows in 2 days at the Will Rogers Coliseum – Swine Barn in Ft Worth, TX
Saturday October 29, 2022
Bluebonnet Show (AM)
Judge: Michaela Martin
Road Runner Show (AM)
Judge: Gary Whitehead
Alamo Show (PM)
Judge: Kristopher Fraley
Lone Star Show (PM)
Judge: Terry Atkins
Sunday October 30, 2022
Black Gold Show (AM)
Judge: Denae Bates
Longhorn Show (AM)
Judge: Linda West
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2023 The Oklahoma Mini Silky Shows

Eight shows in 2 days at the Payne County Fairgrounds in Stillwater, OK
Friday May 26, 2023
White Bass Show (AM)
Judge: Tanner Shipley
Rosa Show (AM)
Judge: Kass Newell
Scissor Tail Show (PM)
Judge: Tyler Boles
Twister Show (PM)
Judge: C L McGill
Saturday May 27, 2023
Redbud Show (AM)
Judge: John Lastley
Bison Show (AM)
Judge: Trent Boles
Sooner  Show (PM)
Judge: Cole Strickland
Pokes Show
Judge: Kash Allen
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