Upcoming Shows

2019 Rocky Mountain MSFG Show

Six shows in 2 days at the Oneida County Fairgrounds in Malad City, ID
Friday June 21st, 2019
Huckleberry Show (AM)
Judge: Tammy McDonald
Iron Door Show (AM)
Judge: Manny Antonacci
Muddy River Show (PM)
Judge: Shelly Strahan
Tumble Weed Show (PM)
Judge: Nate Drake
Saturday June 22nd, 2019
Sage Brush Show (AM)
Judge: Daniel Babcock
Elk Horn Show (AM)
Judge: Cody Roche
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2019 Cactus Classic Mini Silky Shows

Six shows in 2 days at the Verde Valley Fairgrounds in Cottonwood, AZ
Thursday August 29, 2019
Golden Barrel Show
Judge: Rebecca Doughty
Cholla Show
Judge: Manny Antonacci
Friday August 30, 2019
Ocotillo Show
Judge: Kevin Kress
Organ Pipe Show
Judge: Elaine Krieg, DVM
Prickly Pear Show
Judge: Teasha Lee
Saguaro Show
Judge: Carol Hepner
For more information email Susan Seiler at susseiler@aol.com

2019 Covered Bridge Mini Silky Show

Four shows in 2 days at the Madison County Fairgrounds in Winterset, IA
Saturday September 14th, 2019
Folwell Bridge Show (AM)
Judge: Curt Rush
Ballantine Bridge Show (PM)
Judge: Kari Nichols (AKA Kari Conrad)
Sunday September 15th, 2019
Fletcher Bridge Show (AM)
Judge: Carol Hepner
Hartley Bridge Show (AM)
Judge: Jessica Ross
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2019 Midwest Mini Silky Shows

Six shows in 2 days at the Newton County Fairgrounds in Kentland, IN
Saturday September 28, 2019
Crossroads Show (AM)
Judge: Lee Bergfield
Prairie Show (AM)
Judge: Jake Bradford
Heartland Show (PM)
Judge: Robby Kelly
Breadbasket Show (PM)
Judge: Shelley Young
Sunday September 29, 2019
Lincoln Show (AM)
Judge: Brittany Swackhamer
Hoosier Show (AM)
Judge: David A Wildman
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2019 Yellow Rose of Texas Mini Silky Shows

Six shows in 2 days at the Will Rogers Coliseum Swine Barn in Ft Worth, TX
Friday October 18, 2019
Bluebonnet Show (AM)
Judge: Pending
Roadrunner Show (AM)
Judge: Pending
Alamo Show (PM)
Judge: Pending
Lone Star Show (PM)
Judge: Pending
Saturday October 19, 2019
Black Gold Show (AM)
Judge: Gary Whitehead
Longhorn Show (AM)
Judge: Pending
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2020 Lone Star Mini Silky Shows

Six shows in 2 days at the Washington County Fairgrounds in Brenham, TX
Saturday May 16, 2020
Jack Rabbit Show (AM)
Judge: Pending
Roadrunner Show (AM)
Judge: Pending
Prickly Pear Show (PM)
Judge: Pending
Laurel Show (PM)
Judge: Pending
Sunday May 17, 2020
Bluebonnet Show (AM)
Judge: Pending
Indian Paintbrush Show (AM)
Judge: Pending
More Information: aislinnmeadows@reagan.com